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"I stay pushing forward, never moving on reverse"-Bambu.


me and my friend arriving at an all you can eat buffet 


omg its a corn dong

LOL Imagine eating this in front of someone


This is the best story I’ve ever written

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Flamingo Toes.




I feel like I should have made this a long time ago…

OMG get the fuck out hahahahahahaahahaha

Fuark, hahahahahaha the god damn internet.. Hahh

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Yall niggas aint really

Pillow Talk - Jeff Bernat - Modern Renaissance

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mymiddlenameisluis-deactivated2 asked: How can I make my day to day life better?


Silence. Friends. Mexican food.  Mexican beer. Skating and surfing and snowboarding. I didn’t say “or.” Literature. Social causes. Children. Grandparents. Thanking you parents or forgiving them.  Supporting the arts. Stephen Wright and Mitch Hedberg and Tig Notaro. Woody Allen movies.  Toast with avocado slices and chili flakes for breakfast. Anything with a deep red wine for dinner. Religion or spirituality (or whatever it’s called today), and knowing why you believe it or why you choose not to.  Rumi. Photography. Early to bed, early to rise (Yes, I understand how impossible that is).  Listening to music from the ’90s (mainstream, indie, and everything in between).  Traveling everywhere.  Realizing it’s all in your control.  Realizing that control is about letting go.  So, rolling with the punches. Love. Laugh.  Laugh as much as you can. Laugh to the point where everything else I said falls into place.

sounds superB.

You kno I keep it